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HP-12C Platinum Version 02 calculator

This is the two CR2032 3V button cell model.

Self Test procedure 1.
Power Off.
Press g + ENTER + ON;  Release  g + ENTER; Release ON: Displays "1.L 2.C 3.H 4.Cpu"


Press 1 (LCD test): Displays all LCD segments ON.

Press 2 (System test):  Displays "Che - - 564Ah"  (ROM Checksum?)

Press ENTER: Displays "Ver 02"   (Platinum Version 02?)

Press ENTER: Displays C  2004  hP"   (Copyright 2004 HP?)

Press 3 (Keyboard test): Image not available. 
Displays all all LCD segments ON and will shut down them when pressing the corresponding keys)

Press 4 (CPU speed): Displays "3941092   h2"   (CPU speed of 3.94 MHz ?)
The value will change in the last 3 digits between test runs.

Self Test procedure 2.
Power Off.
Press  / + ENTER;  Release  / ; Release ON  (Keyboard test):
Press all the keys from left to right and from top to bottom.
At the end will display "12".

Self Test procedure 3.

Power Off.
Press  x + ENTER;  Release  x ; Release ON  (System test):

It runs for about 25 seconds and then shows all LCD segments ON.

This is the two CR2032 3V button cell batteries installed in parallel. 

How fast is the processor? 
Ref. information here:

Quoting Gene Wright:
Enter this looping program. Press:
shift P/R
shift CLPRGM
shift GTO 001
shift P/R
shift GTO 000

R/S and let it run for 60 seconds. The number in the display is the
important one. 

My calcyulator gives me a total count of about 1400.
So it doesn't seems to be using the faster ARM processor...

Current comsumption:

Powered ON, Idle state: 10uA

Powered Off: 0 uA

 Running the looping program from above: 1.4mA

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