sábado, 28 de junho de 2014

HP-27S ROM image dump

Ref. http://hp.giesselink.com/
Thanks to Christoph Gießelink for sharing the required information.

ROM transfer via IR from HP-27S to HP-48G+

Transfer finished. The  HP-27S did a warm boot.  The HP-48G+ showing the new string.

Transferring the ROM to a PC using XModem protocol. Windows 7 64-bit running Hyperterminal.

Striping the extra data from the ROM file at PC.

ROM file checksum OK.

Testing on the excellent  Christoph Gießelink's Emu42 running the HP-27S ROM image.

sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2014

HP-30B Business Professional Calculator with Keyboard Overlay for programming

HP Keyboard Overlay:

Calculator with the Keyboard Overlay:

quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014

HP-27S: Scientific calculator "do-it-all"

 Just received my new acquisition. Needs some dusting. 

Made in Singapure. Year of manufacture: 1991, week 22.

Clean battery compartment. IR LED for printing looks good as well.

 Power On message. I can tell the same in a bad day...

Pressing CLR to get rid of the memory loss...

Some shots of the mandatory Self Test sequence.  Pressing CRL + LN...

Display test...

ROM Test.

DRAM test.

URAM test.

Keyboard test.

Tested OK!

Full PI precision in the HP universe.

Almost 7 KByte of memory!

domingo, 22 de junho de 2014

HP-30B to WP-34S conversion: USB to Serial TTL cable prototype - Switch Box internals  


The WP-34S project ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/?source=navbar )

Pictures of the switch box prototype.