sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2016

HP Saturn/RPL based machines against new wave Applet/BASIC based machines


HP-50G Saturn/RPL against HP-39G+ Applets/BASIC

HP-50G Saturn/RPL against HP-40GS Applets/BASIC

HP-50G Blue, HP-50G Black and HP-49G+  Saturn/RPL cosmetic variants

All together now:

And the 50G little brother, the HP-48GII:

HP-50G in Blue - a rare machine?

The 50G in black is very common and easy to find.
But the blue color version was sold in limited quantities in Europe only.

The keys color schema is very good and easy to read.

The p/n in the blister case is NW240AA#UUZ (8-85631-58074), date 2009.


The blister package contains the paperback Quick start guides in Dutch, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Really strange is the [b]Wireless feature advert[/b] included in the front cover! (see pictures)
I never noticed that the 50G had Wireless capabilities... :) this can only be a mistake.