domingo, 8 de outubro de 2017

GRSLO CS-82ES Plus Scientific Calculator

And another Chinese calculator sharing the internal processor architecture with other Chinese brands.

All of them looks like the Casio models and even sports basically the same functions, although we can't say they are clones because the firmware and hardware is specific to these Chinese models.

They are able to work with 16-BCD digits internally, something not featured on the Casio models they try to look like.
The forensics test for this model result is: 8.999999998078897 exactly the same one as found on the Hoopson PS-12MS.

This brand name uses latin characters that are visually close to close the CASIO name: GRSLO

252 functions (Trig, Hyperbolic, Log/exp, power, Fraction, Sexagesimal, Base-n, 40 constants, Metric conversions, Simultaneous equations, Polynomials, Matrix, Complex, Coordinate conv,  Permutation/Combination, Standard Deviation and Regression. 
Equation solver
9 variable memories

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