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CASIO Classwiz fx-991SP X Iberia calculator

Iberia version (SP) of the Classwiz fx-991E X calculator.
Made in China.575 Functions.
The calculator is sold inside a blister package and it has the battery installed from factory.
3 years warranty in Iberia.

Menu languages:
This Iberia model supports 3 of the spoken languages in Iberia: Castellano, Català and Português.

Power supply:
I removed the LR44 coin cell to check it: 1.584 Volt under no load.
Made in China. Expiration date 09/16.

So, this calculator appeared this month in the shops and it has 3 years of warranty, meaning that it will be protected until 07/2018.
However, the included battery will expire much before, in 09/2016. How strange is this?

The calculator works nicely without the battery installed as long as there is enough light conditions to power the integrated solar panel.

Hard cover. This is a pocket calculator. Nice!

Good LCD featuring high resolution and easy reading.

Full contrast to show the indicators.

Good contrast adjustment.

Single LR44 1.5Volt coin cell.

Six screws and the back cover pops out easily (no clamps).

One single SoIC.
A 220uF/6.3V capacitor to store energy for a about 10 seconds running without batteries and without enough light to feed the solar panel.

The keyboard membrane is visible here.
As usual, CASIO uses real good quality plastic keys.

Self test1:
Power off the calculator.
Press "Shift" + "7" + "ON"
Press 9
Press "Shift" to scroll the tests.
Press "ON" to reset.

Self test2:
Power off the calculator.
Press "Shift" + "7" + "ON"
Press 8
Press the keys indicated by square brackets.

Press "ON" to reset.


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